Ethel Youvella (d.)

Sikyatki Bowl

3 3/4" H x 4" D

This piece comes to us through a special collection of vintage Hopi pottery obtained in the early years when potters did not sign their works. The provenance provided comes directly from the original owner who purchased these pieces from the artists themselves during his stay at Hopi during the mid twentieth century.

Like the other potters featured in this collection, Ethel was from the village of Hano at First Mesa. She relied on her pottery as a supplemental income, but maintained a traditional life in the Hopi sense.

The bold patterns and designs are reminiscient of the Nampeyo era, and pay homage to the woman who has been credited with reviving Pueblo pottery as an art form in the last decade.

With all the fire clouds and imperfections, these pieces capture all that is original about traditional Hopi pottery making, and are valuable ethnographic materials.

Special Collection

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