Original Pencil: Kenny Eisenhour

Kenny Eisenhour comes from a family whose destiny is inextricably tied to the world of art. Like his father before him, he is strongly drawn to the medium of oil painting and continuing the family tradition, his children Dayton and Alexia also show talent. From generation to generation the Eisenhour legacy continues through palette and brush.

For more than two decades, Kenny's dream to make the world his studio has taken him to the most spectacular areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Spending years on Alaska's North Slope left him with an abiding love for the Arctic and its people, the Inupiat. Kenny allows the subject matter to dictate the medium used for any particular piece he creates.

His ability to paint these northern scenes with such accuracy produces a convincing illusion, which is his greatest contribution to Alaskan art. For those unfamiliar with life above the Arctic Circle, the land and its seas present a visage resembling worlds only seen in dreams.

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Eskimo Child
11 x 14 Pencil
(framed 18 x 21)

plus sh/han


We are pleased to present a handful of original works by Anglo artist, Kenny Eisenhour. These pieces come directly from his personal collection and are being made available for the first time! When Kenny heard about our collection of Native American art on display at Star Canyon Trading Co., he had to drop by and share some of his stories with us. After visiting for several hours, Kenny decided to leave these original works with us to share with our clients and collectors from around the world.

Kenny spent several years living among the indigenous people of Alaska and developed a deep love and keen sense of respect for their culture. This is reflected in his pencil drawings and oil on linen paintings.

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