Delwyn Harvey


12" H with 1" base

Formerly Hochani was a much more popular kachina than he is at present. He was probably introduced to the Hopis from the Rio Grande Pueblos.

In fact his name is the Keresan term for Chief or Headman. Legend has it that he was a Hopi who went to live in the Rio Grande during adverse times and returned bringing presents to the Hopi.

He may appear in Kiva Dances in the winter but most frequently is seen in the Mixed Kachina Dances in the spring.

Delwyn Harvey, "Wea" (One of a kind), was born on the Hopi reservation in 1965. He is a member of the Kachina Crow Clan. Delwyn has been carving Hopi kachinas since 1978. He is a self taught artist.

Delwyn is also related to Nuvadi Dawahoya (brother-in-law), who is a master carver in his own right.

Like other contemporary kachina carvers, Delwyn hand carves cottonwood root into magnificent full bodied kachina dolls with a simple tool like a pocket knife. His carvings are carved with extreme precision and detail.

He applies acrylic paints to his dolls and paints them very carefully because it is essential for the Hopi people to represent the kachina as accurately as possible. Many of his dolls are carved from one continuous piece of cottonwood. Some of his dolls are sought by collectors all over the world. Delwyn signs his dolls "D. Harvey."

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