Jody Folwell
Santa Clara

Coastal Spirits

3 1/2" H x 2 3/4" D

Jody Folwell, born at Santa Clara Pueblo in 1942, is the daughter of Rose Naranjo and the mother of potters Polly Rose Folwell and Susan Folwell. Jody was an early innovator in the 1970's, when she began firing her pottery with brown colorations and utilizing non-traditional design elements.

One of nine children in the accomplished Naranjo family, Jody is one of the most renowned American Indian clay-workers. She is known for the many innovations she has instigated in the art of the pot. Her mother, Rose, is also an accomplished potter.

Jody's pottery defies the classic styles of Santa Clara pueblo, while remaining true to the materials and firing techniques.

Her pottery can be found in museums around the country and her work has been featured in numerous books, including "The Art of Clay" and "Legacy of Generations". Her work is a cornerstone to any collection of contemporary Native pottery.

Each of Jody's clayworks is vastly different from the others; there is no repetition for the sake of repetition here. Some of the pieces are beautiful for the finely polished surface and the gracefully incised designs embellished with colorations from the bonfire.

Others are caustic, with satirical elements illustrating the statement she wishes to impart. Still others are contrasts in matte and shine or in colors, or sit precariously in light of their width. Each piece has a life of its own. Jody will tell you that's where all of the power exists.

"I do not think of my work as pottery," she admits. "I think of each piece as an artwork that has something to say on its own, a statement about life. I think of myself as being a contemporary potter and a traditionalist at the same time. Combining the two is very emotional and exciting to me."

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