Alan Lasiloo
Zuni Pueblo

Big Medicine

15 3/4" H x 10 1/4" D

Born at Zuni Pueblo in 1969, Alan Lasiloo began his artistic endeavors as a novice fetish carver at age 13. Later, at the Santa Fe Institute of American Indian Arts, he took a pottery class that evolved into a career as a clay sculptor and potter.

Alan starts with micaceous clay from the Tewa Basin of northern New Mexico. For paint and slips, Alan uses ground minerals, native plants, and clay mixtures. The blackness of the pottery is achieved by a traditional pit firing which covers the pot in powdered dung, blocking oxygen and impregnating the clay with soot.

Alan has won first place awards at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial in Gallup, NM and the New Mexico State Fair.

“Thanks to all the positive people, places, and things that have influenced my life, I have a spiritual link to the past of the A'shiwi – my Zuni ancestors,” says Alan.

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