Alvina Yepa
Jemez Pueblo

Butterfly Flowers

5" H x 5" D

Alvina has been a recognized Jemez potter for more than 20 years. She does both melon jars and sgraffito carved jars, and often a combination of these two styles. (Sgraffito is a technique of carving designs in a fired pottery piece, using sharp tools such as dental picks. This technique is particularly painstaking, since one slip and the pottery's design is ruined.)

She learned pottery from her mother, Filipita Yepa. She has won major awards at all of the larger Indian crafts shows, including Santa Fe Indian Market, Eight Northern Pueblos Show, Heard Museum Show, and the Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial in Gallup. Marcella Yepa is her niece and protege. Both are members of the Jemez Sun Clan.

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