Dominique (Damian) Toya

Swirling Seed Pot

4 1/4" H x 4 1/4" D

Dominique (formerly Damian) Toya was born into the Pueblo of the Jemez in 1971. Dominique was born to Maxine Toya, who is currently one of the finest Jemez potters of our time. Maxine was the inspiration behind her interest in learning the art of working with clay.

Dominique is also related to: Laura Gachupin (Aunt), Marie G. Romero (Grandmother), the late Persingula M. Gachupin (Great Grandmother), and sister Camille Toya. Dominique is a member of the Corn Clan and has been making pottery since the age of 5.

Dominique specializes in handmade micaceous pottery. She gathers her materials (natural pigments) for her masterpieces from the grounds within the Jemez Pueblo. She cleans, mixes, hand coils, shapes, sands, fires outdoors, and polishes her own pottery.

She was quoted as saying “All the pots that I create are my favorite, because each one is a part of me.” She signs as: Dominique Toya, Jemez, followed by the corn sign to denote her clan origin.


-Southern Pueblo Pottery 2,000 Artist Biographies
-Storytellers and Other Figurative Pottery
-Southwestern Pottery 1999 Edition


-New Mexico State Fair
-Santa Fe Indian Market
-Various out of State shows
-Eighth Northern Art Show

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