Franklin Peters

Autumn Olla

6" H x 7 1/4" D

For a young potter, Franklin Peters has established himself as one of Acoma's upcoming pottery masters. Expectedly so for he was taught by two of Acoma's most accomplished potters, Florence and Rachel Aragon. He was furter instructed by by his mother, Ella Peters and then by several famous Acoma artists such as, Barbara and Joseph Cerno, Dorothy Torivio, Fredrica Antonio and Wilfred Garcia.

Franklin has emerged as an incredible artist with great attention to detail. He has stated that the "pottery itself is mother-earth.... designs are about the world around us, which have meaning."

His work is characterized by bold slips and colors, sharp lines and traditional Acoma and Laguna designs.

Franklin accepted the honor of the 2011 Rollin and Mary Ella King Native Artist Fellowship at SAR. As an emerging artist, Franklin spent his time studying the Indian Arts Research Center collections to better understand the techniques and processes of his ancestors. One of his challenges has been increasing the size of his ollas and to incorporate more historical designs into his work. He is also interested in exploring more contemporary designs and advancing his own sense of style.

Franklin notes, “I have already explored different Acoma styles in my work over the past eighteen years, but look forward to further developing my pottery by researching the sources of Acoma pottery designs from the past.”

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