Gloria Mahle

Flutter Byes

5 3/4" H x 9 1/2" D

Gloria Mahle has been one of my favorite "folk" potters from Hopi for a long time. We have enjoyed presenting many of her smaller and less complex pieces over the years because her designs are always so fresh and clean. When we saw this piece, we jumped for joy! It features everything we love about Gloria's work - excellent polish, rich blush, whimsical design, and a beautiful shape - but on a grand scale - AND the incoporation of the applique butterflies was something we have not seen before!

Gloria Mahle has been an active Hopi potter since 1980. She attributes much of her development and success to Rainy Naha and Fawn Navasie who have acted as her teachers and mentors.

Her painting is very fine and her polishing extremely smooth. Her finished pots are exceptional in quality and design. She is known for her bird, rain and cloud designs.

Gloria has appeared in several magazines and publications dealing primarily with Native American art and Hopi Pottery, in particularly. These include Hopi-Tewa Potters by Gregory Schaaf, p. 73; and Art of the Hopi, Contemporary Journeys on Ancient Pathways by Jerry and Lois Essary Jacka, p. 100.

She has also won numerous awards, including ribbons at the Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Marketplace, and is best known for her symmetry and her detail in application and innovation.

Beautiful Hopi "fire-clouds" indicate that Gloria has indeed remained loyal to her traditional methods of forming and firing her pottery. These stunning reddish-orange shades can only be obtained through the natural sheep-dung firing process.

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