Harriet Navasie

White Bear

14 1/2" total height

The White Bear depicted here is a Hon Kachin, but is more properly described as Köcha Honau.

"The Bear Kachina is of such great strength that it is felt he can cure the sick. He appears in the kachina return or Soyal of First Mesa as the watchman or side dancer for the Chakwaina.

He may come singly or in a group during the Palölökong Dance, and may appear in a number of colors such as Sakwa Honau (Blue Bear) or as illustrated - Köcha Honau (White Bear). Probably he is most familiar in the Mixed Kachina Dance, dancing outside the lines.

His most distinctive feature is the presence of a bear footprint on either cheek."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (114)

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