Ida Sahmie


3 1/2" H x 3 1/4" D

Ida Sahmie (Navajo) the wife of Andrew Sahmie (Hopi), and the daugther-in-law of Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo. She was born in 1960 and has been an active potter since 1990.

Her favorite designs are Yei-like figures. She has been described in Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artists Biographies by Gregory Schaff:

"Ida Sahmie is a Navajo woman who is married into a Tewa family. She has learned how to make pots in the technique and style of Hopi-Tewa potters. However, she prefers to use Navajo designs, especially Navajo Yeis, spiritual 'Holy People.'"

Along with her appearance in Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artists Biographies by Gregory Schaff (p. 143), Ida is also featured in Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery (p. 48), and in The Legacy of a Master Potter: Nampeyo and Her Descendants by Mary Ellen and Laurence Blair (p. 188).

Although her work has drawn criticism from both the Hopi-Tewa and Navajo communities, Ida maintains her comittment to her artwork and continues to push forward with clean and consistent pieces.

Ida is quoted in Fourteen Families: " Personally, I feel I have a unique talent with pottery. It's a combination of both Hopi and Navajo, though I feel it should be more Navajo because I am a Navajo. I want to stick with more Navajo designs. The Yei figures are the most popular for me, secondly would be the rug designs, and third the sand painting designs."

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