Madeline Naranjo
Santa Clara

Pray for Rain

9 1/4" H x 7" D

Check out this stunning red-ware vase by rising Santa Clara pottery artist, Madeline Naranjo! We have not seen anything of this size by her before, and while the pieces she recently entered and exhibited at Santa Fe Indian Market would give this piece a run for its money, they still fall short in terms of overall execution and balance.

The high polish surface is contrasted by a natural matte finish featuring a traditional water serpent encircling a rain cloud motif, with a lightning bolt emerging from its mouth. This symbolic imagery could be interpreted as a blessing being answered upon the many prayers for rain sent up by Pueblo people in supplication for the crops upon which they depend for survival, as well as the life giving source water is for all creation.

This bold design repeats on all for panels of the pottery, suggesting this good medicine or energy be sent in all four directions - a true gift to mankind.

Madeline E. Naranjo was born in 1971 as a member of the Santa Clara-Tewa Pueblo. She was taught the fundamentals of hand coiling traditional pottery using the methods of their ancient ancestors.

She was influenced by many of her family members to continue a long lived family tradition. Julie Gutierrez also had a big impact on her decision to become an artisan.

Madeline has been making pottery since 1989. She specializes in hand coiling traditional Santa Clara but adding her unique contemporary flare.

She gathers the clay from within the grounds of the Santa Clara Pueblo. Then she cleans, mixes, hand coils, shapes, etches, polishes, and fires her pottery outdoors with horse manure.

The designs she chooses to create are those of nature scenes, because of the respect and the love she has for the planet and all that it has to offer.

She is related to the following artists: Effie Garcia (mother) and Madeline Naranjo (grandmother). She signs her pottery as: Madeline E. Naranjo, SCP.


-1992 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st place
-1994, 95, 96, 97 Santa Fe Indian Market various ribbons


-Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni
-Pueblo Indian Pottery 750 Artist Biographies

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