Sandra Victorino

Optical Illusions

12 1/4" H x 9 1/4" D

This is just one of those pieces you have to see to believe. The photos simply cannot do it justice. As appealing as it appears here, the pottery in person is exponentially more impressive. The designs literally pull you toward it as you walk past. There is something about those concentric bands of arrows that tricks the eye! Add to this the fact that the piece measures over twelve inches tall, and you begin to understand why we just had to share it with you!

Sandra Victorino was born into the Pueblo of the Acoma in 1958. She was inspired to learn the art of hand coiling pottery from admiring her famous Aunt, Dorothy Torivio, who is one of Acoma’s finest potters.

Sandra strongly believes that traditional ways must be kept alive to continue the long lived legacy of her people. She gathers the clay from within the sacred grounds in Acoma. She was taught how to sift clay, hand coil pottery, paint with a yucca plant, and fire pottery.

Sandra specializes in hand coiled pottery with spiral designs like the step to step, checker board, snowflake, half snowflake, and fine line designs. She will also paint Kokopelli on her pottery from time to time.

Sandra signs her pottery as: Sandra Victorino, Acoma, NM.

Sandra is related to the following artists: Edna Chino (mother), Brian Chino (brother), Greg Victorino (brother-in-law), and the famous Dorothy Torivio (aunt).

-Santa Fe Indian Market
-Gallup Indian Ceremonials
-New Mexico State Fair
-Eighth Northern Shows
-Other awards numerous to list

-Southern Pueblo Pottery 2,000 Artist Biographies
-Art of Clay


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