This piece is the work of Hopi artist Garrett Maho. Garrett continues in the traditional Hopi firing method, in which he takes great pride.

Garrett incorporates new and innovative designs with traditional techniques. Along with the beautiful fire clouds, which are a result of traditional firing, Garrett also adheres to the original process of applying pigments using mineral base and natural "brushes" such as yucca strips and softened wood fibers.

This piece features what Garrett calls his "Sikyatki Butterfly."

Garrett's talent precedes him, as he has appeared in shows across the west and has taken several awards for his neo-classical pieces. This particular piece is especially fine. The beautiful blush of the "fire clouds" resonates throughout the piece, and the tones of the mineral based pigments vary in degree.

Garrett's application technique combines further traditional elements with contemporary styles. The speckled fringe is a distinctive trademark of this young and talented potter, resembling the works of other notable potters, such as Les Namingha and Steve Lucas.

The base features a beautiful reddish glow of "fire clouds" which can be seen all around the rim. One side features a darker area where the natural firing processess has "kissed" the surface of the pottery. This area appears much darker, and while some would consider it a "flaw," we consider it a sign of a tried and true tradition.



Garrett has incised his name in the bottom of the pottery -- Garrett Maho, Hopi.

This piece measures approximately 3" tall x 5" wide.


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