Ed Tewanema

Chasing Star
(Planet Kachina)

16 1/2" H with 1/2" base



This special carving is an incredible one-of-a-kind masterpiece by the well-known Hopi carver, Ed Tewanema. A popular kachina, the Chasing Star has never been depicted quite like this before.

Ed's incredible ability to create one-piece carvings is showcased masterfully in this piece, as demonstrated by the "contact points" Ed deliberately leaves to show how the wood flows and connects each part of the kachina with the next.

Ed has placed this figure in the heavens, upon a lunar landscape, where he is completely in his element. Even the spaceship hovering above his head is from the same piece of wood!

Be sure to take notice of the impeccable attention to detail in the feather work, as well as the hanks of yarn next to the face, along with the delicate turquoise necklace, and elaborate sash work.

The Chasing Star (Na-ngasohu), or Planet Kachina, is a handsome figure with the enormous fan of eagle plumes behind the head and the simple but effective design of the face.

Usually he appears in pairs in the Bean Dance procession, the Palolokongti, or a Mixed Dance, carrying a bell in his right hand. His particular function is unknown.

Ed Tewanema is another talented carver whose work is highly sought after and hard to come by. We're fortunate to have only a handful of pieces by Ed, every couple of years.

His recent return to the reservation has given us the chance to visit with Ed more often. We hope that we'll be able to bring more of Ed's exciting work to you.

Like many of his contemporaries, Ed's work can only be found in the most exclusive galleries and private collections. He is well known for being one of the "pioneers" of the elaborate, one-piece, action-oriented carvings.

Ed's figures alway have flow and motion in the details - whether it be a swaying turquoise necklace of a dancer, or the messy hair of the Cold Bringing Woman, Ed's work always has a sense of realism.

He is also known for the way his figures "emerge" right out of the base, with the feet and sashes not attached, but carved directly out of the one piece of wood.

Don't be surprised if you see Ed's work in various Santa Fe galleries for as much as $18k!


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