Emma C. Begay

Ganado Red

56" x 36"

"The Ganado area is located nearly in the geographic center of the Navajo Reservation, and has long been the center for the 'Ganado Red' type of Navajo rug. This style of weaving was established prior to 1900 by the famous trader Don Lorenzo Hubbell.

"Originally, the bold cross and diamond motifs were adaptations of colors and designs taken from the earlier wearing blankets of the Navajos at a time when the traders in other areas of the Navajo Reservation were encouraging rug designs with an obvious "oriental influence" for the eastern market.

"Mr. Hubbell emphasized the use of the older elements, the result being a very pleasing, and to most laymen, a more 'traditional Indian rug.' His sphere of influence extended over a very broad area. At one time he owned and operated fourteen trading posts in the central and western regions of the Reservation.

"This, combined with a long business relationship with the Fred Harvey Co., explains the broad exposure and early popularity of this style of rug."

- from Ray Manley's Fine Art of Navajo Weaving (12)

This weaving is a nice example of a traditional Ganado Red rug. It has good size and good eye appeal.

Our rug selection ranges from heavy-duty rugs that work well on the floor to table runners, and from wall hangings to fine tapestries. We try to hand-pick the best rugs at the best possible value. We believe this particular piece fits nicely into such a category.


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