Autumn Borts (Medlock)
Santa Clara

Bamboo Vase

10 3/4" H x 7" D

We are delighted to present the work of one of Santa Clara's most innovative potters - Autumn Borts! Autumn is the daughter of Mary Cain, and sister to Tammy Garcia.

Because Autumn does not normally sell through galleries, this represents a unique opportunity to acquire a piece by a widely aclaimed and highly sought after Santa Clara potter. We feel especially honored to have this opportunity, and we hope to show more of her work in the future.

This particular piece exhibits a more contemporary theme featuring bamboo reeds and dragonflies.

As I was talking with Autmn she mentioned to me that she always thought it was interesting that the Hopi people had a Bamboo clan and wondered what their ties might have been to South- and Central-American peoples (in a climate where bamboo could have grown).

Incidentally, the Hopi migration stories include an episode where the people left the third world and came into the fourth world (the world we are now in) by climbing up a bamboo reed through a hole in the sky.

It was a great conversation and a cultural exchange for both of us from a contemporary and traditional standpoint.

One look at the work of Autumn Borts innovative shapes and desings and it's no wonder they immediately speak to you!

The following excerpt was taken from Native Peoples Magazine:

"'Pottery ties me to an ancient tradition; it connects me to my ancestors. Knowing that a thousand grandmothers did this before me is amazing, and to have been born into this heritage is a gift.'

Autumn Borts has quietly arrived at her place among the best of today's contemporary ceramicists. Her unhurried but steady climb upward over the past ten years has been marked by many successes, among them several important commissions (including one from the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe), inclusion in a number of distinguished museum and gallery exhibitions, and, most recently, acceptance into Santa Fe Indian Market.

Like many Pueblo potters, Borts learned her skill from watching her mother and grandmother work with clay throughout her childhood. Though her first attempts at shaping the clay were met with some difficulty, over time Borts began to develop and refine her intrinsic talent. She fashioned animal figurines and nativity sets and continued to work on fine-tuning her technical skills, such as coiling, polishing and firing. Clay preparation was of course an integral part of her education, and Borts soon mastered that as well.

'All of this knowledge I hold very dear to my heart, because it was passed down to me from the women in my family. The clay gives me energy, and I'm grateful to be part of this tradition.'

Much of Borts' work is inspired by the shapes and design elements of traditional Santa Clara pottery, and carved with motifs depicting various animals, birds, insects, flowers, kiva steps and elements of nature such as water, clouds and stylized rain patterns. Some vessels contain combinations of these designs, strategically intertwined on the surfaces of tall, cylindrical vases or very large round or square-shaped jars.

'I love the old traditional shapes and designs, but I also enjoy making more contemporary pieces. To take something so old and form it into your own expression-to take a traditional form and turn it into something contemporary-that's so gratifying. It's a painstaking process to make pottery, but when I see the finished pieces I start to get excited about what's coming next, and I feel inspired to start working on something new.'

'My mother shared her gift of knowledge with me, the knowledge to make pottery. M y father also shared his gift of knowledge with me, the knowledge to play music. He wanted me to be a guitarist. That would have been pretty cool, too, I suppose, but I guess the clay called louder.'"

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