Cordell Naseyoma

Squirrel Kachina

8" total height

"The Squirrel Kachina appears on all three mesas but has two rather distinct forms. The kachina shown [here] is very obviously a Second Mesa kachina with feather ears.

"During the Kiva Dances in winter he is supposed to challenge any woman to take from him anything that she thinks worth having.

"However, he may appear also at Powamu or in the plaza dances in large numbers."

- Wright, Barton. Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (112)

Cordell Naseyoma is from the village of Hotevilla at Third Mesa and is a well known carver. He has learned much of what he knows from watching his friend and contemporary - Ed Seechoma.

You can immediately recognize Ed's influence in everything from the style of the doll (it's creation), and the painting (using the same natural pigments). Ed endorses Cordell's carvings and feels that they are "almost as nice as [his], but less money!" Ed always makes us smile.

Like Ed, Cordell's traditional carvings are highly sought after for many reasons. He is also one of the few carvers who adheres to the "old" methods - using antique horseshoe files, all-natural pigments, and of course hand-tying all his feathers.

To differentiate between Ed's work and Cordell's just notice the legs - Ed's are bow legged, while Cordell's are not.


Cordell Naseyoma with other recent carvings

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