Dextra Quotskuyva

Fineline Migration

2 1/2" H x 3 1/2" D

Dextra, a great-granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano, is certainly one of the most influential Hopi potters working today, having taught not only her daughter, Hisi, but also Steve Lucas, Yvonne Lucas, Les Namingha and Loren Ami. Each piece is an original and her work runs from contemporary to traditional.

She rarely repeats a design. She has studied all the known pieces by Nampeyo of Hano as well as the old Sikyaki pots in museums and photographs, and has an encyclopedic memory of the designs. She takes these traditional designs and uses them in imaginative new ways, giving her pottery a look all its own.

The red areas are polished, while the black is painted with bee-weed. An earlier work, this low shoulder jar is a classic example of the fine lines Dextra became known for.

While not a large vessel, it is a significant work and the design fits the shape beautifully. Dextra's work is definitely a must for any collection and this jar is a beautiful example of why Dextra has had such an impact on Hopi pottery.

Dextra has been the subject of a recent exhibit at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, she has had articles and books written about her that are too numerous to mention.


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