Manuel Chavarria


13 3/4" total height

This new batch of traditional kachinas includes a series of antiqued kachina carvings by Manuel Chavarria Jr. who won First Place for his elaborate Hemis Kachina at the 2005 Hopi Tuhisma Art Show.

This new style gives these great carvings the rustic appeal of the original vintage carvings from the turn of the 19th century.

The early traditional style kachinas have bodies that are carved to approximate human proportions. For example, the arms are usually at right angles and are pressed against the body. A static kilt and sash resemble the lower part of the body and the legs are usually short. The head however, is carved and painted correctly to identify each specific Kachina. These dolls exhibits a pronounced spirituality because of their strong stylization and abstractness.

We are delighted to featured the award-winning work of traditional Hopi kachina carver Maneul Denet Chavarria. Manuel is considered one of the "winningest" old-style carvers of his time.

Manuel is from First Mesa. He has influenced many of today's younger traditional carvers. Along with his numerous awards, he has been featured in many publications, including Arizona Highways and Tradition Hopi Kachinas: A New Generation of Carvers by Johnathon Day.

"The Cricket Kachina (Susopa) appears as a racer, although many Hopis will say that he appears on ly at nigh tin the kivas. This seems to be a difference among villages. Usually this kachina appears with a black bandolier and a tuft of small feathers in place of ears. The kilt he wears is almost universally the folded, plaid, man's shoulder blanket."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (230)

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