Mark Tahbo


4 1/2" H x 10 1/2" D

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we are with some of Mark's most recent works. The shape, size, and scope of his designs continue to impress.

This elaborate piece is no exception. Mark has outdone himself by combining traditional designs with abstract themes. His images are balanced yet asymmetrical.

The "cube" at the forefront of the piece, highly detailed with super fine lines, represents a window into eternity - as the illusion of the design seems to take you deeper and deeper into the pot. On either side are sentinels set there to guard this sacred space.

A vast array of traditional and abstract designs appear in multi-colored slips, including a new medium in mica. This is truly a unique and special piece.

Well known throughout the Pueblo Pottery world as one-of-the-best, Mark Tahbo continues to create innovative and inspiring works of art through his traditional clay mediums. Never afraid of pushing the envelope, Mark continues to try new approaches and themes in pottery making.

His anchor and influence is his cultural heritage - rich in tradition. He endeavors to remain close to his ancestors through expressing his love and thanks for their teachings with every piece. He is not limited in his imaginative work, but always remains close to his roots. His potteries nearly always tell a story and convey a moral or message through symbols. Even the lack of "design" is a design all its own - saying something about people, space, and time.

The work of Mark Tahbo is deeply influenced by his Hopi-Tewa ancestry. He is predominantly Tewa, and has been an active potter since 1978. He is the great-grandchild of noted potter Grace Chapella. Today, he is among the leaders of the Hopi-Tewa potters.

His work is featured in nearly every major gallery and museum featuring Pueblo pottery. He appears in Gregory Schaff's publication, Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies (p. 158), as well as Rick Dillingham's Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery (p. 8), and Jerry & Lois Jacka's Art of the Hopi (p. 70).

He has taken numerous ribbons, including first place and best of show, at major venues like the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum's Annual Indian Fair.

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