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Cecil Calnimptewa: Palhik Mana
(circa 1980)

18" total height

The Palhik Mana, or Butterfly Maiden, is one of the most popular kachinas in the Hopi carvers' repertoire. This beautifully dressed figure is not really a kachina, but rather a woman's dance personage.

Women who appear in the Mamzrau Initiation Dance are called the Palhik' Manas. They are never masked except on Third Mesa, although they all appear to be when carved as dolls. The carvings typically include an elaborate tableta including butterfly and corn symbols.


Cecil Calnimptewa is perhaps the most well known kachina carver of today. His work has been featured in nearly ever publication on Hopi kachina dolls and has been the inspiration behind dozens, if not hundreds, of talented new artists' work. Whole volumes have been dedicated to his carvings alone.

As recorded in The Kachina Dolls of Cecil Calnimptewa, by Theda Bassman "Cecil Calnimptewa carved and sold his first Kachina doll when he was 18 years old. Since that time, he has become an innovator, teacher, and master of the art."

He was born on January 1, 1950, into the village of Moencopi near Tuba City, Arizona, and is a member of the Bamboo clan.

His work is known far and wide, as he has received numerous awards and accolades for not only his skills as a carve, but for the innovations in Hopi kachina carving which he pioneered.

"His artistry is exhibited in the fine detail of belts, sashes, and garments as well as musculature, the motion, and active stance of the doll. He produces very realistic figures which have sheer aesthetic beauty and display tremendous power." - The Kachina Dolls of Cecil Calnimptewa.

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