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Von Monongya - Palhik Mana
(circa 1980 - rare)

19 1/2" total height

The Palhik Mana, or Butterfly Maiden, is one of the most popular kachinas in the Hopi carvers' repertoire. This beautifully dressed figure is not really a kachina, but rather a woman's dance personage.

Women who appear in the Mamzrau Initiation Dance are called the Palhik' Manas. They are never masked except on Third Mesa, although they all appear to be when carved as dolls. The carvings typically include an elaborate tableta including butterfly and corn symbols.

Von Monongye is one of the greatest modern kachina carvers. He is featured in nearly every major publication dealing with kachinas and has won many awards. His work can be found in museums and private collections around the world.

He rarely carves anymore, as he spends a great deal of time tending his land and running his own gift shop here on the Hopi reservation.

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