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  • New Pottery and Kachinas!

    Just back from a buying trip, we'll be adding new pottery and kachinas over the next several weeks - be sure to see them all - click here!

  • New Baskets & Rugs!

    Dozens of new Hopi baskets and Navajo rugs have been added to the online gallery. See them all here.


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 About Us

In 2002 Ancient Nations joined McGee's Indian Art in historic Keams Canyon, Arizona (on the Hopi Indian reservation) as a premier venue for their exclusive offerings. We continue to operate in conjunction with McGee's Indian Art and other trading partners throughout the Southwest, and we treasure the opportunity we have to develop such great relationships with both artists and collectors.

For centuries Native Americans have labored to perpetuate a cultural heritage rich in symbolism and deeply steeped in ceremonial significance. Part of that heritage has always been exhibited through their artistic expressions. Ancient Nations endeavors to support the preservation of Native peoples and their culture by procuring and promoting the finest available Indigenous arts.

We feel strongly about the integrity of the Indian art market. Our fate is inextricably intertwined with that of our Native neighbors. We work diligently to ensure that all of our efforts have a positive and lasting impact on both the artists and their art. Nearly everything we offer is purchased directly from the artist - and those that are not are obtained through relationships we have with other reputable dealers who share our visions, goals, and concerns.



About the Trading Post

Being part of a trading post is a very unique aspect of our business. The Keams Canyon Trading Post is one of the last bona fide trading posts in existence. While many galleries operate under a "trading post" façade, very few support the reservation economy in the fundamental way that we do. Just as in historic times, the post continues to offer its goods and services to the local community.

It all began with traders, like Thomas Keam, who were willing to take a risk for their Indian patrons. In years where trade items, like corn or wool, were scarce, the trader found ways to supplement Indian income by taking their crafts in on trade. Whether or not a simple utilitarian bowl would have any commercial value was unknown at the time, but the trader saw his customers' needs and obliged. Taking that pottery, basket, rug, or carving on trade allowed his patrons to obtain the other goods and services they were in need of. The necessities of a changing life became increasingly available to Native Americans as "crafts" became an acceptable medium of barter.

Today the trading post is still the place where artisans can be directly compensated for their work, alleviating the artist of the responsibility and risk associated with marketing and promoting and allowing them more time to spend in the creative process. The artists are able to set their own prices, and the trading post enables them to cash their checks, buy their groceries, do their laundry, get their fuel, or just relax and have a bite to eat without having to make the arduous journey to town (nearly seventy miles in any direction). The vast majority of the trading post's patrons are local residents - Native Americans. We depend on them, and they depend on us. We are honored to be an integral part of their community and to reside in this special part of their sacred homeland.


About the Website

Ancient Nations Online Gallery presents the best of what we have to offer. Each item has been hand picked for this exclusive showcase. We consider everything we present to be investment-grade, featuring the very best in their respective price-points in a variety of mediums. Rest assured, if an item appears on our website, it has passed our own personal test of beauty, quality, and value.

The website is update daily, with sold items marked sold, so there is usually never a question as to an items availability. New items are added in small batches on a regular basis - about every other week. If you would like to be the first to know about new items or special offers, be sure to join our mailing list.

All items are presented using the best technology we have available. Occasionally our flash photography will give off a glare or distort proportions. Feel free to contact us with questions or for clarification. Nothing is a substitute for viewing these items firsthand - but 99% of our customers have been delighted with the items they have purchased online, with the phrase "it's even more beautiful in person," being quite common.

If you are interested in an item, please email your inquiry ( or call toll free: 1.800.854.1359.


About your Purchase

All items are guaranteed authentic, and without flaw (unless otherwise noted in the listing).

Your satisfaction is our first priority. Buying and owning a piece of original art is a very personal experience and one that ought to be easy and enjoyable. If you're not delighted with your purchase, you are welcome to return it in the same condition it left the gallery within 3 days of receipt if it is not exactly as described. Buyers may opt for either a refund or gallery credit when returning an item. A 5% restocking fee may be charged for credit card purchases.

We ship via UPS ground, and we always double box. Occasionally some items will require special handling or expedited delivery, these options are at an additional expense but are often well worth it. If you prefer to make other arrangements, just let us know.

Toll Free: 1.800.854.1359


About the Art

For more about the art, click here.

Visit these websites for more information on preserving
the integrity of Indigenous arts:

Indian Arts and Crafts Association  (I.A.C.A.)

Southwestern Association for Indian Arts  (S.W.A.I.A.)

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Writings Related to the Insights and Experiences of an Indian Trader in the 21st Century

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