Tyra Naha

Feather Nest

4 1/2" H x 6" D

This piece was made by Tyra Naha. Tyra is the daughter of well-known Hopi artist, Rainy Naha. She has certainly learned a lot from her mother, and carries on the tradition and influence of her grandmother, Helen Naha - also known as "Feather Woman."

Tyra is an accomplished potter in her own right and continues to produce the same quality work that is the hallmark of the Naha name. Tyra has shown at several major venues throughout the Southwest. She has been featured at shows in Santa Fe, NM., the Heard Museum, and others.

Tyra has already appeared in a few publications dealing primarily with Native American art, and Hopi Pottery in particularly. Of most notable mention is The Art of the Hopi by Jerry and Lois Essary Jacka (pp. 42).

Like her mother, Tyra pays special attention to every detail - polishing her pottery both inside and out. Her pieces are delicate and graceful - full of balance. Some have said that they have a porcelain-like quality. Such could be said about this piece.

Although her pieces are fashioned entirely in the traditional manner, Tyra's work remains incredibly fine, and unlike many hand-coiled potteries, Tyra's are amazingly light.

She has signed with a combination of the Naha family feather and the spider which represents her clan.

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