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Ancient Nations Online Gallery presents special selections at a glance for a comprehensive look at some of the very best indigenous art of the American Southwest. We specialize in Hopi kachinas and Pueblo Pottery along with Native American baskets, jewelry, and rugs. We consider everything we present to be investment-grade, featuring the very best in their price-points in a variety of mediums. If an item appears on our website, it has passed our own personal test of beauty, quality, and value.

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New Pottery Selections


Please Direct Inquiries To:

 Brandon @ 1.800.854.1359
or email

Jennifer Moquino   Erik Fender a Dean Haungooah
"On the Prowl"   "Wayfarer"   "Monarch"

Lois Gutierrez   Dominique Toya   Erik Fender
"Nizhonigo"   "Eclipse"   "Redtail"

Erik Fender   Dusty Naranjo a Glendora Fragua
"El Dorado"
  "Harmony"   "Three Degrees of Glory"

Sandra Victorino   Robert Tenorio   Paula Estevan
"Kaleidoscope"   "Mountain Goat Mesa"   "Sunflower"

Thomas Tenorio   Johnathan Naranjo   Martha Appleleaf
"Inferno"   "Between Dreams"   "Flute Neck Vase"

Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano   Lois Gutierrez   Marcellus & Elizabeth Medina
"Corn Pollen"   "Honor Song"
  "Flit & Flutter"

Lois Gutierrez   Erik Fender   Jackie Shutiva
"Governor's Vase"   "Apex"   "Mimbres Memories"

Debra Duwyenie   Erik Fender   Debra Duwyenie
"Hummingbird Harvest"
  "Terrace Serpent"   "Encircled"

Sandra Victorino   Tony Dallas   Madeline Naranjo
"Abundance"   "Koshare Storyteller"
  "Pray for Rain"

Madeline Naranjo   Julie Gutierrez a Madeline Naranjo
"Leafy Seed Pot"   "Star Burst"   "Divergence"

Eric Lewis   Robert Kasero   Mary Louise Eteeyan
  "Solar Flare"
  "Butterfly Seed Pot"

Myron Sarracino   Jackie Shutiva   Myron Sarracino
"Amaze"   "Day Grace"   "Germination"

Adrian Vallo a Dusty Naranjo a Eric Lewis
"Pumpkin Pot"   "Song Bird"   "Inverse"

Steve Lucas   Les Namingha a Rainy Naha
"Prayer Feather Abstract"   "Ancient Origins"   "Solstice"

Mark Tahbo   Karen Abeita a Mark Tahbo
"Sunset Horizon"
  "Sentinels"   "Evening Flight"

Thomas Tenorio   Myron Sarracino   Wilfred Garcia
"Corn Blossom"   "Vintage Vase"   "Cliff Palace"

Karen Abeita   Rondina Huma a Rondina Huma
"Thunderbird"   "Tewa Tile"   "Zig Zag"

Dusty Naranjo a Frederica Antonio a Dusty Naranjo
"Buffalo Brothers"   "Tradewinds"
  "Wild & Free"

White Swann   Mark Tahbo a White Swann
"Pahos"   "Seed Pot"   "Sikytatki Bird"

Frederica Antonio   Frederica Antonio   Frederica Antonio
"Transcendence"   "Autumn Equinox"   "Eyedazzler"

Marty & Elvira Naha   Marty & Elvira Naha a Marty & Elvira Naha
"Gifts of the Grandmother"   "War Party"   "The Healers"

Myron Sarracino   Myron Sarracino   Myron Sarracino
"Fertility"   "Rain Cloud"   "Historic Floral"

Paula Estevan   Paula Estevan   Paula Estevan
"Vortex"   "Infinity"   "Tailfeather Fan"

Rondina Huma   Rondina Huma a Rondina Huma
"Polacca Polychrome"   "Red Medicine Bowl"   "Sunrise Seed Pot"

Marcellus Medina   Gary Polacca   Marcellus Medina
"Flight of Fancy"   "Eagle Boy"   "Butterfly Girls"

Tonita Nampeyo   Garrett Maho a Tonita Nampeyo
"Moth Motif"   "Shard Jar"   "Little Eagle"



 New Kachina Selections


Please Direct Inquiries To:

 Brandon @ 1.800.854.1359
or email

Arthur Holmes Jr.   Oliver Tsinnie a Bo Lomahquahu
Broadface   Soyok Wuhti   Kachin Mana

Bo Lomahquahu   Ronald Honyumptewa a Arthur Holmes Jr.
"Brothers in Arms"   "Taking Flight"   Left-handed Hunter

Bo Lomahquahu   Jon Cordero a Bo Lomahquahu
Cloud Mana
  Kokosori   "Eagle Guardian"

Jon Cordero   Bo Lomahquahu a Bo Lomahquahu
Warrior Mudhead   Ahulani   Owl Hunter

Cecil Miles   Malcolm Fred a Vern Mahkee & Alvin James
Big Horn Ram   Koyemsi Mudhead
  Palhik Mana

Bo Lomahquahu   Bo Lomahquahu a Bo Lomahquahu
Great Horned Owl   "Singer of Songs"   "Without Warning"

Lee Grover Jr.   Lee Grover Jr. a Lee Grover Jr.
Wildcat   Brown Bear

Henry Naha   Leo Lacapa a Henry Naha
Ahola   Snake Dancers   Evening Star

Bo Lomahquahu   Neil David Sr. a Bo Lomahquahu
"Red Ahote"
  Warrior Mouse   "Left Handed Hunter"

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With nearly ten years experience conducting online transactions and an impeccable feedback record, Ancient Nations takes service and selection of fine arts to a new level.

All items are guaranteed authentic and in perfect condition (unless otherwise noted). Arrangement for returns must be made within 3 days of receipt of item. All items shipped via UPS ground, unless other methods are specified.

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