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New Items
Updated 9/15/17


Ancient Nations Online Gallery presents special selections at a glance for a comprehensive look at some of the very best indigenous art of the American Southwest. We specialize in Hopi kachinas and Pueblo Pottery along with Native American baskets, jewelry, and rugs. We consider everything we present to be investment-grade, featuring the very best in their price-points in a variety of mediums. If an item appears on our website, it has passed our own personal test of beauty, quality, and value.

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New Pottery Selections


Please Direct Inquiries To:

 Brandon @ 1.800.854.1359
or email

Erik Fender   Erik Fender a Erik Fender
"Midnight Moonlight"   "Petro-Cliffs"   "Rio Grande"

Bernice Naranjo   Dusty Naranjo a Caroline Elliot
"Rain Birds"
  "Hunter & Hunted"   "Antelope Dancers"

Erik Fender   Erik Fender a Erik Fender
"Star Gazer"   "Mystic"   "Night Dance"

Madeline Naranjo   Madeline Naranjo a Denise Chavarria
"Butterfly Blossom"   "Double Dragons"   "Avanyu Red"

Johnathan Naranjo   Johnathan Naranjo a Johnathan Naranjo
"Woodland Creatures"   "Scamper & Scavenge"   "Pueblo Maidens"

Johnathan Naranjo   Calvin Analla Jr. a Linda Tafoya Sanchez
"Three Sisters"
  "Whirlwinds"   "Kiva Serpents"

Kevin Naranjo   Goldenrod a Dora Tse Pe
"Wisdom Keeper"   "Many Blessings"   "Medicine Bear"

Russell Sanchez   Russell Sanchez a Russell Sanchez
"Dreaming Deer"   "Roadrunner"   "Good Medicine"

Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano   Russell Sanchez a Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano
  "Sanctuary"   "Ascension"

Debra Duwyenie   Russell Sanchez a Erik Fender
"Living Water"   "Green Gecko"   "Tsi' Mahyo"

Wallace Nez   Jason Garcia a Wallace Nez
"Flit and Flutter"   "Sentinels"   "Kindred Spirits"

Harrison Begay   Glendora Fragua a Harrison Begay
"Medicine Brothers"   "Dragonfly Two-Tone"   "Midnight Flyers"

Glendora Fragua   Jody Naranjo a Andres Daubs
"Growing Garden"   "Healing Wings"
  "Treasure Trio"

Robert Tenorio   Dominique Toya a Dominique Toya
  "Whirling Winds"   "Red Mica Ripples"

Lois Gutierrez   Diane Lewis Garcia a Adelle Nampeyo
"Birds of a Feather"   "Acoma Rainbow Vase"   "Hopi Wedding"

Madeline Naranjo   Erik Fender a Bernice Naranjo
"Parrot Perch"
  "Medicine Water"   "Wild Horses"



Fine Art Originals: Hyrum Joe



"Walpi Girl"   "Chei from Kayenta"

"Heading to Shiprock Fair"   "Sweetheart of the Navajo Nation"



 New Kachina Selections


Please Direct Inquiries To:

 Brandon @ 1.800.854.1359
or email

Justice Tso   Raymond Naha a Lorryn Masawytewa
Saviki   Heheya   Hu Katsina

Ferris Satala   Larry Melendez a Ferris Satala
  Kipok Koyemsi   Hilili

Cimmaron Grover   Lenno Polingyumptewa a Cimmaron Grover
Katsin Mana
  Left-handed Hunter   Paqua Mana

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With more than ten years experience conducting online transactions and an impeccable feedback record, Ancient Nations takes service and selection of fine arts to a new level.

All items are guaranteed authentic and in perfect condition (unless otherwise noted). Arrangement for returns must be made within 3 days of receipt of item. All items shipped via UPS ground, unless other methods are specified.

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Purchases can be made by method of check, money order, or credit card.
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