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Ancient Nations Online Gallery presents special selections at a glance for a comprehensive look at some of the very best indigenous art of the American Southwest. We specialize in Hopi kachinas and Pueblo Pottery along with Native American baskets, jewelry, and rugs. We consider everything we present to be investment-grade, featuring the very best in their price-points in a variety of mediums. If an item appears on our website, it has passed our own personal test of beauty, quality, and value.

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 New Kachina Selections


Please Direct Inquiries To:

 Brandon @ 1.800.854.1359
or email

Ronald Honyouti   John Kootswatewa a Brian Honyouti
Yellow Corn Maiden
  Great Horned Owl   Palhik Mana

Lowell Talashoma   Lowell Talashoma a Lowell Talashoma
  Left Handed Hunter   Deer Dancer

Vern Mahkee   Brian Laban a Vern Mahkee
Buffalo Dancer (Natural)   Cold Bringing Woman   Warrior Mouse

Ernest Honanie   Brian Honyouti a Henry Fred
Heheya   Nataska   Mudhead & Paralyzed

Loren Phillips   Kevin Pochoema a David Jensen
Buffalo Dancer
  Cold Bringing Woman   Deer Dancer

Jon Cordero   Bryan Loma a Oliver Tsinnie
Badger   Deer Maiden   Crow Man

Oliver Tsinnie   Aaron Honyumptewa a Prinston Collateta
Soyok Wuhti   Mudhead
  Palhik Mana

Lee Grover Jr.   Mario Ugalde a Lawrence Acadiz
Koshare   Left-handed   Squash


New Pottery Selections


Please Direct Inquiries To:

 Brandon @ 1.800.854.1359
or email

Erik Fender   Thomas Tenorio   Erik Fender
"El Dorado"
  "Fire & Ice"   "Moss River"

Robert Tenorio   Madeline Naranjo   Paula Estevan
"Gone Fishing"
  "Serpent Twins"   "Sun Swirl"

Glendora Fragua   Charmae Shields Natseway   Madeline Naranjo
"Turtle Universe"   "Medicine Star"   "Parrot Pair"

Franklin Peters   Alvin Baca   Dolores Lewis
"Diamond Dazzler"   "Red Ribbed Jar"   "Zig Zag Vase"

Dusty Naranjo   Caroline Elliot   Johnathan Naranjo
  "Under the Sea"   "Little Lizard"

Steve Lucas   Steve Lucas   Steve Lucas
"Oblong Vase"   "Encircled"   "Story Teller"

Rainy Naha   Rainy Naha   Rainy Naha
"Summer Star"   "Awatovi Pahos"   "Sash Panel"

Loren H. Nampeyo   Rainy Naha   Loren H. Nampeyo
"Rising Sun"
  "Messengers"   "Guardian"

Mary Cain   Seferina Ortiz   Margie Tanin
"Black Serpent"   "Cochiti Drummer"   "Bear Paw Bowl"

Tonita Nampeyo   James G. Nampeyo   James G. Nampeyo
"Eagle Wings"
  "Batwing Bowl"   "Sikyatki Moths"

Wallace Nez   Marty & Elvira Naha   Wallace Nez
"Majestic"   "Kachina Parade"   "Flight of Fancy"

Mary Cain   Teresita Naranjo   Mary Cain
"Red Polished Vase"   "Red Carved Jar"   "Sea Serpent"

Mary Louise Eckleberry   Mary Cain   Mary Cain
"Zig Zag Seed Pot"   "Friendship Basket"   "Swirl Seed Pot"

Mary Cain   Gary Polacca   Pauline Romero
"Wedding Vase"   "Morning Sunrise"

Kevin Naranjo   Adelle Nampeyo   Erik Fender
"Game Keeper"   "Migration"   "Midnight River"

Myron Sarracino   Mary Louise Eteeyan   Franklin Peters
"Germination Jar"   "Big Butterfly"   "Raincloud Vase"

Robert Patricio   Myron Sarracino   Robert Tenorio
"Thunderbird Vase"   "Koshare Clown"
  "Fish Bowl"

Mary Louise Eteeyan   Robert Patricio   Carolyn Concho
"Little Butterfly"   "Historic Harvest Jar"   "Animal Parade"

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With more than ten years experience conducting online transactions and an impeccable feedback record, Ancient Nations takes service and selection of fine arts to a new level.

All items are guaranteed authentic and in perfect condition (unless otherwise noted). Arrangement for returns must be made within 3 days of receipt of item. All items shipped via UPS ground, unless other methods are specified.

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