White Swann

Four Winds

3 1/4" H x 7 1/2" D

Dollie Navasie, is the daughter of the renowned Hopi potter Eunice "Fawn" Navasie. She is also sister to Dawn and "Little Fawn" Navasie, who now goes by "Fawn" since her mother's passing. Her Hopi name, by which she is widely known in the art world, is White Swann.

Having grown up in the Antelope Mesa area of the Hopi reservation, near Keams Canyon, Dollie learned the art of pottery making at an early age. She watched her mother and was allowed to play in the clay, making her first crude pots as a toddler.

As the niece of another well-known potter, Frogwoman, Dollie has the blood of many talented generations flowing through her veins. She shows at all the major venues throughout the Southwest and consistently does well.

Some of her recent shows include Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum Show 2003, and a "One Man" show at the Hopi Artisans Guild at Second Mesa.

She was recently distinguished as the recipient of the SWAIA's prestigious fellowship award and has been featured in nearly every major publication dealing with Indian Art. She also won a prestigious blue ribbon at the Museum of Northern Arizona's Hopi Show in Flagstaff.

This piece is a classic polychrome vessel for Dollie, who prefers to adhere to the tradition of her grandmothers. Handcoiling the pot, and using all natural pigments, Dollie finishes the pottery by firing in an outdoor, sheep-dung firing pit.

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