David Roy

Mountain / Bighorn Sheep

15" total height

This Big Horn, or Ram kachina (Pang), is a great example of Kevin's ability as a detailer. The horns, feathers, and evergreens have all been carefully carved, as well as the hands, and fingers. His posture and anatomy add an increased level of realism to the piece.

The Ram Kachina is said to be used to secure an increase of flocks - however little is known about the details of the origin or meaning of this particular figure.

It is known that it belongs to the "animal" family of kachina figures, and as a "two horn" figure, it is of this world - and not other-worldly as are some of it's "single horn" counterparts, so it is said.

David Roy was born March 16, 1965 to the village of Moenkopi near Tuba City, Arizona.

David is self-taught and looks at his own anatomy in order to understand the body structure of the Kachina dolls. He also looks at books in order to help him understand what to do. In addition, he listens attentively to his customers' suggestions.

He has been carving since he was in high school and, after graduating, he worked for the Hopi Tribe. He carved in his spare time and said that all of a sudden, he seemed to be getting good. At first, he used feathers and leather, but when he began all-wood carving, he found that he liked it and wanted to learn more about it.

"There is more detail to carve in," he says. "I always work on one doll at a time as I want to finish a doll and not put it away." David makes from two to four dolls in a month, taking his time so they will turn out well. He likes to do the Tewa and Eagle Kachinas most because they have more feathers on them. He also likes making the Hemis Kachina doll.

David always carves with cottonwood root which he buys, but sometimes the dealers will give him wood so that he will sell dolls to them. "I use all kinds of Dremel tools and also the band saw to cut out the doll. I also use X-acto and pocket knives. Many of the carvers say that they don't use power tools, but they do. Everybody is using them now," said David.

- Hopi Kachina Dolls and Their Carvers by Theda Bassman (p. 140)

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