Santa Clara

Many Blessings

2 1/2" H x 3 1/4" D

Gloria "Goldenrod" Garcia was born in 1942 into the Santa Clara Pueblo. She was taught all the fundamentals of constructing pottery vessels using the ancient traditional way by members of her pueblo.

Goldenrod specializes in hand coiled and sgrfitto seed jars. She gathers her raw clumps of clay, volcanic ash, and natural vegetation from within the Santa Clara Pueblo.

She breaks down the clumps of clay and the volcanic ash into a fine powder form and hand mixes it with water to produce a fine medium, once that has been obtained she begins olling the clay out into long snake like coils and begins hand building her vessels.

Once the pottery has taken form it is set out to dry. When the pottery has dried she sands each piece by hand to smooth out any rough edges. She hand polishes and hand etches her designs without any stencils.

Her designs range in a wide variety of horses, buffalo, corn maidens, Avanyu (serpent believed to protect Pueblo People), butterflies, rain clouds, deer, bears, bear paws, and redwing blackbirds. Goldenrod completes her masterpieces by offering a traditional outdoor firing.

She signs her pottery as: Goldenrod. She is related to: John Garcia (husband) Jason Garcia, John david Garcia, Jr. (sons), and Petra Guiterrez (mother).

Gloria, with the assistance of her husband, John, creates beautiful sgraffito pottery. Both of these potters come from well respected families. Gloria is the daughter of the late Petra Gutierrez and the sister of Minnie Vigil, Thelma Talachy and Lois de la Cruz (Lois and Derek).

John is the half-brother of Tina Garcia, Greg Garcia and Virginia Garcia. Gloria and John's pottery collaboration has been most fruitful as they have won many awards and appeared in shows all over the United States.


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1998 Santa Fe Indian Market 3rd
1994 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st
1992 Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd
1990 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st
1989 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st
1988 Santa Fe Indian Market 3rd
1986 Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd
1983 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st
1981 Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd
1979 Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd
1978 Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd
1977 Santa Fe Indian Market Best of Division

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