Johnathan Naranjo

Little Lizard

2 3/4" H x 1 3/4" D

I am often asked "who is the next great thing in Pueblo pottery!?" And up until now, that was a hard question to answer definitively. My mind has been made up, howerver, that Johnathan Naranjo has what it takes to push the envelope of contemporary Native American art while continuing to preserve the ancient traditions and cultural heritage that is his family's legacy.

Johnathan has recently garnered many rewards and recognition and continues to be at the forefront of the spotlight when it comes to the best in Native American art.

Born into Santa Clara Pueblo in 1987, Johnathan Naranjo is the son of Forrest Naranjo and grandson of Bernice Naranjo. He is one of the next generation of potters bridging the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary life.

He began working with clay early in life and developed his own distinctive style. Johnathan has also developed a keen sense as to when to pull something from the fire in order to get a dark brown product rather than the usual black. Then he uses his sgraffito tools to add a mix of contemporary and traditional designs.

Because of his firing process, he can get varying colors in his sgraffito work depending on the depth of the scratch. In 2013 Johnathan won the Tony Da Award at the Santa Fe Indian Market for his intricate and innovative style of pottery.

We're excited to discover new and young talent who are committed to preserving their cultural heritage through traditional art forms.

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