Rainy Naha

Corn Pollen

5" H x 8 1/4" D

Like Rainy Naha's other works, this vessel features her signature whitewash with multicolor pigments - but unlike the others, it relies less on abstracts and geometrics, and instead presents a bold series of corn motifs on each of the four sides of the bowl.

These four corn are colored red, blue, yellow, and white - representing the four directions (the blue ear being the corn chosen by the Hopi in their migration which signified humility and respect for their creator). Scattered across the surface of the pottery are spatterings of yellow-orange pigment, representing the corn pollen which is used as a sacred offering during prayers, dances, and other important ceremonies.

This piece has also undergone some very slight "distressing" - a technique used to give the surface of the pottery a more vintage quality. This characteristic is also indicative of the blue ear - a rough and rugged but resilient way of life.

Rainy Naha was born in 1949 into the Spider/Stick clan as the daughter of Helen Naha (Feather Woman) and the grand-daughter of Paqua Naha (the original Frog Woman). Her siblings include Sylvia Naha Humpheries (d.) and Burell Naha.

Of all Naha family decendents, Rainy is perhaps the most prolific in her perpetuation of the pottery tradition. Having won numerous awards, including blue ribbons at the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market, the Eight Northern Indian Art Show, and the Annual Heard Museum Show, it is easy to see how such meticulous detail and innovative design has taken Rainy's work to the top.

Rainy has been an active potter for more than thirty years, and very active during the last ten. She was taught by her mother, and signs all of her work with her mother's hallmark feather, along with her name, "Rainy."

Thin walled vessels in both traditional and contemporary shapes are the basis for her work. The designs painted onto the vessels often incorporate her mother's work, such as the Awatovi Star or bat wing patterns.

Her work is primarily Hopi clay with a white slip applied before the polychrome designs, sometimes known as Walpi Polychrome. All of her pieces are made using traditional clay, paints, and methods of forming and firing. Rainy has also added other clay slips to her work, with pieces often having up to five different colors.

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