Arthur Holmes Jr.

Soyok Wuhti

13" H with 1/2" base



"The awesome figure of the Monster Woman [Soyok Wuhti] appears during the Powamu ceremony as one of the many Soyoko who threaten the lives of the children. Dressed all in black, with long stragling hair, staring eyes and a wide-fanged mouth, she carries a blood smeared knife and a long jangling crook - a truely fearsome creature to the children.

When she speaks, it is in a wailing falsetto or with a long dismal hoot of 'Soyoko'-u-u-u,' from which her name is derived. She may reach for the children with the long crook and threaten to put them in the basket on her back, or to cut off their heads with the large knife that she carries in her hand utterly terrifying her young audience.

On some mesas she may be the ogre that threatens a small child who has been naughty and bargains with a relative to ransom the child, but on others she is not. In some villages she leads the procession of the ogres; in others she remains at the side, content to make threatening gestures."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (74)

Arthur Holmes Jr. is the son of well-known Hopi carver, Arthur Holmes Sr. Both have received recognition for their superb work in kachina carving. Highly sought after by collectors, both Arthur Jr. and his father keep busy producing some of the finest carvings available.

Their work can only be found in the most discriminating collections, galleries, and museums around the world. Arthur has truly caught his father's vision for realistic contemporary kachina carving.

As a Hopi Kachina Carver, Artist Arthur Holmes, Jr. has often found that the pieces he carves, will become what they want to become. Every aspect of this piece is detailed to the extreme. We took special notice of the hands and fingernails.

Arthur Holmes, Jr. is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, high-end Katsina carver of our time. His work is a collector's dream because of the exquisite detail he is known for. Arthur Jr. is a very quiet person who enjoys carving in seclusion. He keeps his surroundings surreal, breath taking, and relaxing, creating most of his carvings in the out-doors. This allows him to feel at one with nature, and allows him to relax as he creates each masterpiece.

Arthur was taught by his father, who is very proud of his son, and is pleased with the level of talent that he has developed. He feels that his son has surpassed his own work and is very proud of this.

The work of Arthur Holmes Jr., speaks for itself. Although Arthur Jr. has not entered himself into many juried competitions, which some say he would easily win, his work is known throughout the carving and collecting community, as "elite".

If you're looking to add an excellent example by one of the living-masters - here's your chance.

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