Barbara & Joseph Cerno

Acoma Parrot

8" H x 8 1/2" D

We recently returned from a trip to Acoma and brought back this lovely traditional Acoma olla with the immediately recognizable Parrot motif by the well-known husband-and-wife pottery making team, Joseph and Barbara Cerno.

In addition, we caught a glimpse of another special pottery - a 17" (D) x 14 1/2" (H) masterpiece olla by the same couple. This piece was too large to travel with us, but we were able to take photographs. This size piece would sell at Santa Fe Indian Market for $15k plus, our regular gallery price would be $10,750.00. Our special offer is $8,600.00 - for more information click here.

From an early age, Joseph Cerno showed an interest in the designs and shapes of old Acoma pottery. He studied photographs in books and magazines and has accumulated an extensive reference library.

Joseph is essentially a self-taught artist who has spent many hours of trial-and-error in learning how to properly prepare the clay, the natural paints, and the many skills involved with traditional firing. Barbara Cerno descends from a long line of Hopi artists, both potters and kachina carvers.

Joseph and Barbara are widely recognized for their ability to create pottery that reflects the traditional aesthetics of their ancestors. They have demonstrated their talents at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial in Gallup and at Indian Market in Santa Fe.

We are proud to present the work of this talented, awar-winning couple. Combined, these two artists need pages to list all of their awards, exhibitions, and inclusions in significant private and museum collections. Acquiring a pot by these extremely talented artists is a milestone of achievement for any collector. Their ollas range up to $10,000 each and beyond.

According to author Gregory Schaaf, Barbara & Joseph Cerno "are a husband and wife pottery making team that has created some of the largest and finest traditional polychrome ollas in the Pueblo world. They use natural clay, mineral and vegetal paints and fire their pottery outdoors. They are well-recognized masters, honored as top award winners." Schaaf, Southern Pueblo Pottery.

This pot has perfect shape, color and detail. It measures 8 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide.


Gallery Price: $3,400.00


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