Kevin Quanimptewa

Albino Chakwaina

7" total height

"This kachina was brought from Zuni by the Asa Clan when they came to Sichomovi. Since that time he has spread to the other mesas. However, Chakwaina originally came from much farther east for he has homologues in Keresan and Tanoan pueblos along the Rio Grande.

It has been stated that this kachina represents Estevan the Moor, who led Fray Marcos de Niza in search of Cibola and was killed at Zuni. This does not seem too reasonable considering the direction of his diffusion and the complex relationship of the Chakwaina group to the various pueblos where it is found.

Chakwaina appears most often in January during the Kiva Dances - dancing in a line with rather lively gestures, stooping and turning and singing a spirited tune. All Chakwaina are warriors."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (99)

Kevin is from the village of Hotevilla on Third Mesa. He is young and relativly new carver. Kevin has a unique painting style and unusual color scheme.

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