Logan Honanie

Morning Kachina

14" total height

The Early Morning Kachina (Talavai) is also noted as the Silent Kachina, even though it sings. It appears in pairs in the village, singing songs from the rooftops, waking people in the early morning. During the Bean Dance and other ceremonies it dances with other Kachinas and stands to one side of the procession. Occasionally they sing as they stand holding their spruce tree and ringing their bell.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Talavai Kachina is the Spruce tree he carries in his left hand. He wears a blue case mask with rectangular black eyes. He has red tab ears with small shell earrings. Cloud symbols are on his cheeks and he has a red tubular mouth. He also wears a Douglas Fir ruff and a large fan of black tipped feathers across the top of the mask.

At the back of his mask is a large grouping of small turkey feathers. Draped over his shoulders is a ceremonial maiden's blanket, worn as a robe. He wears a white embroidered kilt, embroidered sash and red embroidered belt. There is a long fox skin hanging in back. He carries a silver bell in his right hand and there is a Kato (bow guard) on his left wrist and he wears red moccasins with ceremonial ankle cuffs.

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